Strong Will Bill

Brother Bill,
almost every night I saw him
standing on the killin’ field.
Whether he was feeling good or ill,
Bill still will be on the field,
Trying to make sure there’s peace
where we live.
His love, life, and the attention he give,
Is highly appreciated,
because you can feel it’s real.
Bill will get in front of you while there’s shootin’,
like a bullet-proof shield—

This is just an example of
Brother Bill’s strong will.
HE say this is all GOD’S plan,
and it’s all in GOD’S hand.
So when Brother Bill puts on his blue robe,
he change into the Holy Superman.
Fearin’ no evil as we know,
and where there is evil he conquer it wherever he go.
So nobody’s family don’t have to go
to a funeral.

Brother Bill no longer works alone,
he keep a partner on the side of him.
He wear a blue robe too,
and his name is Brother Jim.
This doubles the courage,
because shootin’ and gang-bangin’
don’t bother them—
they get right in the middle,
and slow it down a little.

Now that the shootin’ and gang-bangin’
is at an all-time low,
it’s because the work and respect
for Bill and Jim is beginning to show,
The dynamic duo.

Wherever there is snipin’ out of a window,
Bill is told to lay low.
But he refuse and go in the opening
protected by his halo.
He don’t discriminate between
the gangs he hangs with:
Gangster Disciples, Lords, and Snakes
all love him the same.
We all glad that he came to Cabrini Green
because Brother Bill
and Jim have changed the rules of the game
For the better forever.