Split Personality

My second personality
is a reflection of a twin.
One living righteously,
the other live in sin.
My first and second mind
is talking with me,
and walking with me.
I take a deep breath,
As I listen to my right
and then turn to listen
to my left.

Like the ANGEL and the DEVIL,
the PREACHER and the REBEL.
They go together like
the low-down DIRT,
and the good clean SHOVEL.
When the first mind get dirty
things get filthy.
Because the second mind is innocent,
it keeps bringing back the same thoughts,
trying to make the first mind feel guilty.
Split personality is hard to deal with,
live with.
Naw, it’s easy.
I can make it,
I can shake it.

It’s been like this since I was born,
my thoughts flip like a coin.
All these choices and decisions,
my thoughts having collisions.
No matter, no exception,
I always have two answers for only one question.

I can’t deal with myself,
I want to kill myself.
Yes, I could live with myself.
Then again, I’m my own rival.
I’m suicidal,
naw, I’m homicidal.
Damn, I don’t even know my own title.