Running Out of Time

I'm running out of time,
I lost a lot of blood.
I lost a lot of people
Over the years that I love.
I could hardly breathe
I'm down to my last breathe.
I'm running out of time
And only got a few seconds left.
What am I to do ,
Its too late to pray,
So I don't have a clue.
I'm running out of time,
I heard the nurse say code red,
Then I saw the flat line.
I wish I could turn back
The hands of time.
And recreate this life of mine.
Then maybe this day,
Would had been just another day.
But unfortunately I don't have the power
To change time.
I'm going out of my mind,
Because I don't have the strength to go on
As I close my eyes,
To the sound of a sad song.