Pall Bearer

I have carried you in many ways.
but I never thought I’d have
to carry you over so many graves.
I remember me and you carrying
our other homies.
Now I’m carrying you;
man, I feel lonely.

I’m going to keep one of these gloves,
that I’m carrying you with
as a symbol of love.
Man, you is one person I’ll never forget.
But the other one, I’m going to
send it with you.
To serve as a constant reminder
that I was willing to give you
a hand in everything you been through.

Now I know what they mean about the green mile,
When the shortest walk seem like a long
distance and dread without a smile.
When we was younger who would have knew,
that I would be the pall-bearer carrying

I never thought I’d be pouring out brew in your name.
I reminisce now by myself,
thinking about your ghetto fame.
You can bet my next born
will have your first name.
I think about our yesterdays, because everyday
we used to hang.
Now, I think about the days ahead
because without you my tomorrows
won’t be the same.

I can stand the rain,
but I can’t stand the pain.
Because the rain hides the tears,
but the pain show it all.
Because it breaks you down.
I can’t see how anybody can stand tall.
When their homie bein’ lowered into the ground.

Rev. said “Ashes to ashes and dust to dust.”
That’s when I knew there wasn’t
no more me and you.
No more police chasin’ us.
But don’t trip, you can still get the last
shot of Hennessey.

So, when you hear me say,
I’m talking about you and the rest of the crew.
Who is dead and gone,
Oh yeah, I’m going to buy you a head stone,
So I can have something to look at and talk to
when I’m in the cemetery all alone.