I Love You Naturally

My sister, my beautiful black sisters,
you are my only stimulation
when it comes to human relations.

You don’t have to change your identity
in order to impress me.

You don’t need a weave or a perm,
because you have already earned
my satisfaction
with your natural attraction.

So, let’s get this understood,
your hair like wool
is a grade of hair that’s good.

Color contact lenses give me a misunderstanding
of the true beauty within.
Black Woman tell me what do you see,
when you look in the eyes of this Black Man.
Because when I look in your tinted eyes,
I see a soul that can’t understand.
When you change your eyes to blue or green,
you take away what the light or dark brown eyes
truly mean.

For instance: undying love, pursuit of happiness, courage, liberty, and supernatural endurance,
your natural naked soul and spiritual assurance.
All of this could easily be found
in eyes that are brown.

My sister, my beautiful black sisters,
you are an authentic woman,
your nature, spirit, and flesh is synonymous
with beauty.
And there is nothing more sentimental
than you to me.
The woman you are trying to be,
is the same woman trying to be you,
so she can impress me.
She wants your full breast and lips,
voluptuous buttocks and hips.
So while you is out there trying to buy her
hair, nose, and slim-fast, so you can fit into her clothes,
She is buying silicone and getting injected
so she can have your lips, breasts, buttocks, and thighs.

Verily, verily, my beautiful black sisters,
you don’t need to buy nothing synthetic to enhance your beauty.
All you need is spirituality, education,
and a hand in the continuation of your people’s nation.
For you are already LOVE when You is YOU