My Window in Cabrini Green

Could you believe the beautiful view
that I had from my apartment?
Early in the morning I open my eyes,
and watch the sun rise.

It’s amazing how it look like it coming from
underneath the water on the beach.
The rising sun always speaks to me, it says
“Good morning.”
So, I say, “Hello.”
to the sun’s rays, orange, red, brown and yellow.

It doesn’t matter how high or low the blue angels fly.
I can still see the airplane show.
Because I could see for blocks and blocks.
The Oak Street Beach, downtown,
and the John Hancock.

On the 4th of July when the sky go dark,
I can see the fireworks in Grant Park.
Most of all I can see the Chicago landmark,
the Sears Tower.
I sat in my apartment for many years
looking at this scenery for many hours.
you have to go into my soul
to truly understand
what exactly this means,
to a kid exposed to a beautiful view
from an apartment in Cabrini Green.

This beautiful view from my window
wasn’t an illusion, it truly exists.
I used it as an escape from my society,
and my angry feelings when I’m pissed.

You can try and try but
you can never imagine this.
Because first you got to feel the
excruciating pain of the hood.
Then be able to go and look at beautiful scenery
that will make you feel good. Then, and only then,
the view from my window can be understood.

Very few eyes have looked through my window
and weren’t surprised by the view and what it can do for you:
My window view in Cabrini Green.