A Familiar Stranger

I was looking through some glass,
I thought I saw someone
That I knew in the past.
I guess I stare a little too long,
Because the stranger start looking back
As if something was wrong.
I wanted to say something,
But I couldn’t find the word.
And he remind me of someone
Of a rumor I once heard.
Oh yeah, he that dope fiend
From down the block.
That use to run around
Sticking-up people with a glock.
He did so much time in jail,
His nick-name was clock.
Right then in there
I had to stop.
Because I started to feel the danger
In this familiar stranger eyes.
It was then, to my surprise
As I realize.
We was so close to each other,
I could feel the fear
Because we was much nearer then I thought.
It wasn’t a glass that I was looking through
It was a mirror I once bought.
It funny how your old ways,
Can show-up on your now days.
And you try to refuse that it was once you.
So you just consider the old you.
A simple familiar stranger.