All Cried Out

I’m all cried out,
My tears don’t fall like they used too,
And my voice is no longer strong enough
To scream or shout.
Now the pain can’t get out,
For its buried within me very deep
So I lost my will to speak,
My appetite to eat,
And rest because all night
I toss and turn in my sleep.
Because I’m all cried out,
Funerals have lost their effect.
I wouldn’t shed a tear,
I’m just there to pay my last respect.
Of course I’ll be upset.
And possibly the candidate
For the retaliation threat.
Its strange because the pain
Is not the same any more.
It seems like I’m going insane,
Because when I reminisce
My soul feels sore.
As I think back,
I could see my friends falling to
Their death in slow motion.
During those years I shaded
So many tears.
I stood in the middle of my
Own painful ocean.
Soaked and wet with tears,
Because I’ve lost so many family and peers
Through those years.
Now as I stand my ground completely dry,
Its another day the devil stands beside me
Trying to figure another way
To make me cry.
Everyday I look up to the sky,
And send my prayers to the Most High.
So he would look over everybody and thing
That will cause me to cry.
Yes, I’m a confession sayer
Now everyday GOD keep my tears away
With prayer..