About Demetrius Ivy

Gold-D was born and raised in Cabrini Green. He has enjoyed writing poetry since he was a little boy, and has received numerous awards for his poetry and short stories, including an award given by Gwendlyn Brooks.

His vivid poetry has also caught the attention of a number of movie producers and may be featured in an upcoming Hollywood film.

At the age of twelve, Gold-D joined a gang and gradually rose through the ranks. He has been shot and incarcerated numerous times due to his gang activities. Today, he considers himself retired.

He has traveled with Catholic Charities of Chicago and given lectures for the Brothers and Sisters of Love, a ministry which has deeply touched his life.

His writing has only recently been made available to a wider audience. He has the distinction of being one of Cabrini Green's most prolific poets, and hopes that through his writing students, scholars, entire households, street-hustlers, and everyone who loves and enjoys poetry may become more familiar with the literature of the ghetto.